Name of doctor



Dr.Shaikh Md.Eunus Ali

A study on clinical presentations of hypothyroidism – 100 case  (completed in 2001)


Dr. Atin Kumar Shaha

Radioiodine therapy in hyperthyroidism- a study on 50 cases (completed in 2004)


Dr. Rafia Afrose


A clinical study and short term outcome of the patients presented with  thyroiditis   ( completed in 2006)




Major modifiable risk factors and its correlation with stroke – an observational study in a tertiary teaching hospital  ( completed in 2008)


Dr.Fazle Rabbi Mohammed

Clinical profile,serological patterns and short term outcome of acute viral hepatitis patients admitted in DhakaMedicalCollegeHospital

 ( completed in 2009)


Dr.Ishrat Laila

Clinical presentation ,risk factors and short term outcome among hospitalized ischemic and haemorrhagic stroke patients


Dr.Fazle Rabbi Chowdhury

Acut viral hepatitis E


Dr.Khan Mohammad Arif

Analysis of clinical feature of symptomatic dengue syndrome and correlation of tourniquet test with total platelet count


Dr. Abul Kalam Azad

Value of clinical signs in diagnosing cirrhosis of liver


Dr. Ishrat Binte Reza

Prognostic factors influencing short term outcome of patients with haemorrhagicsrtoke


Dr.Mohammad Shamsul Arefin Patwary

Study of glycemic status during acute stroke in nondiabetic patients


Dr. Mohammad Al-Amin

Electrocardiographic changes in acute stroke patients without primary heart disease


Dr. Shamsunnahar

HBsAg and Anti-HCV status in maintenance haemodialysis patients


Dr. Raj Datta

Diagnosing Left Ventricular Hypertropy in Systemic hypertension


Dr.Md. Nazrul Islam

Amphotericin –B in Management of Kala-azar( completed in 2010)


Dr. Raina Masnoon

hepatitis E infection in Pregnancy:Clinivcal profile and sshort term outcome


Dr. Abdullah Al Faruk

Predicting the short term outcome in Acute OPC poisoning with poison severity scale at hospital admission


Dr.  Esita Biswas

Frequency and characteristics features of portal Hypertensive gastropathy in patient of Cirrhosis of Liver


Dr. Showkat Ali

Epidemiological and clinical characteristics of leprosy reactions in paucibacillary and multibacillary patients getting treatment at LeprosyHospital and Institue ,Mohakhali, Dhaka.


Dr. Sharmin Ahmed

Interval between initial symptoms of SLE and diagnosis and the factors determining it


Dr. Md. Mamun-ur Rashid

Patern of arrhythmia following MI in seven(7) Days Post-MI in CCU of DMCH


Dr. Chandra Sekhar Bala

The study of BMI and outcome in patient with acute myocardial infarction


Dr. MizanurRahman

Comparison of child-Pugh and Meld score for short term assessment of CLD patients admitted in DMC


Dr. Abullah Al-Masud

Feeding pattern in acute stroke patients


Dr. Sadia Tarek

Current pattern of antimicrobial sensitivity in salmonella infection in patient of enteric fever and the relation with prior antibiotic use in DhakaCity


Dr. JM Ariful Islam

Comparison of RF and Anti-CCp antibody positivity in clinically suspected rhematoidartritis


Dr. Mohammad Shafiquyllah Akbar

Acute Kidney injury in pregnant women admitted in DhakaMedicalCollegeHospital


Dr. Md Yeanur Hossain

Risk sratification and prediction oif in-hospital mortality of acute coronary syndrome patients using GRACE risk score at coronary care unit ,DhkaMedicalCollegeHospital


Dr. Dr. Md Aminul Islam

Dyslipidaemia in patients with chronic liver disease


Dr.Md. Jane Alam

Precipitating factors of hepatic encephalopathy in patients with cirrhosis of liver


Dr. Umme Kulsum

Clinical presentatation, aetiological variations and short term outcome of upper gastrointestinal bleeding


Dr. Tanzeena Hossain

Clinical study on HBsAg seropositive CLD  patients admittedin tertiary care Hospital


Dr.Md. Shohidul Islam Roni

Diagnostic value in CSF in TBM


Dr. ABM Golam Mostafa

Aetiologicalevauation of non-trumatic paraplegia patients admitted in tertiary care hospital


Dr. Abdur Rahim

Correlation 7 variation of clinical, Haematological and Biochemical indicators among the patients with dengue viral fever admitted in tertiary care Hospital


Dr. Ashfia Imrqan Khan

Albumin creatinine Ratio( ACR) pattern in hypertensive patients in a tertiary level Hoospital


Dr. MD. Abu raihan Ferdous

Frequency and in-hospital mortality outcome of spontaneous bacterial peritonitis in patient with liver cirrhosis with ascites


Dr. MD. Ashik Imran Khan

Albumin-creatinine ratio(ACR) pattern in hypertensive patients in tertiary care hospi9tal



Dr. Abdur Rahim


Correlation& variation of, Clinical, hematological And Biochemical indicators among the patients with dengue viral fever admitted in tertiary care hospital


Dr. Md. Shafiullah Akbar

Acute Kidney injury in pregnant women admitted to  Dhaka medical College hospital


Dr. Sharmin Sultana


A study of Anthropometric indices in Type –2 Diabetes Melllitus


Dr. Md. Maksudul Islam Mazumder


The hazards of Gastric Lavage for poisoning in Dhaka Medical College hospital


Dr. Humayara Jesmin

FCPS examinee 2015



Pattern of antimicrobial resistance among the patients admitted into an ICU of a tertiary care hospital


Dr Mahmuda Begum

FCPS examinee January 2016


Prevalence of cough variant asthma in Medicine out patient department of Dhaka Medical College



Dr Barnali Chowdhury

FCPS examinee 2016


Predisposing factors and microbial sensitivity pattern among sepsis patients in ICU of DMCH



DR. Tamanna Tahreem

FCPS examinee July-2019

Clinical profile, Laboratory data and Treatment outcome of patients with Dengue haemorrhagic fever (DHF): a study on Inpatients